Our Services

  • National border consultancy
  • Defense Industry¬† and International commerce consultancy
  • City security, government offices and strategic target security consultancy
  • Cyber security systems consultancy
  • Military equipment and hardware supply consultancy
  • SecureChain training and consulting programs

Products we can supply with;

  • Sniper detection systems
  • Pre-convoy security drones
  • Remote controlled bomb detection and demolition devices
  • Nightvision and thermal binoculars and cameras for snipers
  • Real-time tactical operation monitoring devices
  • Door breaking and remote detonation demolition devices
  • Tactical and IT¬† tools for unmanned aerial systems
  • Underwater mine and explosive detection, monitoring systems and tools
  • Special armored and tactical personnel carrier vehicles
  • Border surveillance and tracking blimps and discovery tracking sensors
  • Helicopter type unmanned aerial systems
  • Portable anti- drone jammers
  • Remote personnel tracking and monitoring systems
  • Two-person, high-capacity and equipped tracked vehicle
  • Laptop, phone and tablet with sim card and GPS system produced in military standards
  • Telescopic security and monitoring devices with movable high-reading (night-thermal) capability for stationary units and borders
  • Special-purpose defense, shooting and training simulators
Secure Chain Sonar Diving

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