Our Services

Our Services

Sea-Defense is a dynamic company with a huge network and years of experience in various fields. Thanks to our dedication, expertise, and critical eye, we can answer or solve a wide range of issues, partly in collaboration with third parties. Customization is our starting point here.

Our consultancy team provides a wide range of consulting services, including; professional advice, guidance on the project, surveys, audits and comprehensive assessments. Additionally, our dedicated consultants are able to administer and oversee the implementation of all expectations, market positions, requirements and procedures. This is vital to ensuring the safety of the project while making critical decisions and investments.

Our company has provided consultancy services to many institutions in the state, governments, public sector, and private sectors.
In line with our principles and goals, our goal since the day we were founded is to be a partner that shows direction and target regardless of country.

Sea-Defense, basically continues to provide services in two main branches.

International Trade and Consultancy Services

  • International partnerships
  • Investment consulting for projects
  • Urban and regional planning consultancy
  • Official institutions and international logistics consultancy

Defense Industry and Consultancy Services

  • National border security consultancy
  • Defense industry and international commerce consultancy
  • City security, government offices and strategic target security consultancy
  • Cyber security systems training and consultancy
  • Military equipment and hardware supply consultancy
  • Secure-Chain leader training and consultancy programs

Products we can supply with;

  • Sniper detection systems
  • Pre-Convoy portable security drones, border surveillance unmanned aerial systems (UAS)
  • Remote controlled bomb detection and targeting system and prevention devices
  • Night vision and thermal binoculars and cameras for snipers
  • Real-time tactical operation monitoring devices
  • Tactical and IT tools for unmanned aerial systems
  • Underwater mine and explosives detection, monitoring systems and tools
  • Special armored and tactical personnel carrier, tracked and non-tracked vehicles
  • Prevention, communication and communication devices manufactured for military standards
  • Fixed and mobile units for border security, high-spec, tactical (night vision – thermal) telescopic monitoring systems
  • Special military training and defensive shooting, flight, management simulators
  • Ballistic clothing and products
  • Supply of ammunition to official institutions
Secure Chain

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